The What…

LeadSpot.biz does ONE THING REALLY WELL… Help you find new leads, prospects, clients & customers for your business.

The How…

By combining Social Media, (Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In), Video Marketing, (YouTube, Vimeo) Opt-In Email Marketing, Voice Broadcast and Call-To-Action Marketing,  we meet your prospective customers where they are and… bring them to you!

The When & Why…

The sooner you let LeadSpot locate new customers for your business the sooner you will see your company goals become reality.

LeadSpot.biz was launched in early Jan. 2015 to help meet the needs of small business owners who expect a fair price for a legitimate service.

Because the owner/s of LeadSpot.biz have as they say “signed the front and back of the check,” we know what it’s like to struggle to not only find a customer but then keep them satisfied after the sale while watching your bottom line.

The Bottom Line:

The main take away here is this: On this site you will find unique approaches to old problems. You will also find real solutions at fair & reasonable prices.

Are we the cheapest around? Probably not, otherwise we could not keep the doors open very long. Are we the most expensive? Not by a long shot. We are somewhere in the middle. And that means one thing… We are you best shot at a leg up in this game we call “business.”

You’rs in Success.



Not only will we provide you with TOP NOTCH FULL RECORD Business Opportunity Seeker Leads that inlcude:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Time Stamp
  • IP Address

+ VoiceBroadcast PushButton Marketing

+ Professional Lead Capture Systems

+ Professional Phone Talent Recordings

+ Marketing Traning Systems

But we will also provide you with a ONE OF A KIND Income Opportunity for referring us new customers. 

Think about it… Not only will you get great leads but you can make EXTRA CASH at the very same time! 

LeadSpot has teamed with www.PaidFast1234.com to create a unique marketing / income opportunity for the business opportunity seeker.

Remember this:

“Opportunity Seekers Are Always Seeking Opportunity.”

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